Our Process & Promise 

Hand-crafted in small batches on the idyllic shores of Long Island, New York, Treazured Scentz believes everyone deserves a luxurious and affordable at-home spa experience. 


Offering both soy wax candles and body scrubs and balms, our mission is to delight the body and illuminate the spirit through our all-natural, hand-crafted products. 


Every Treazured Scentz made-to-order soy wax candle is hand-poured with care by our founder Tanya Collins. A subtle infusion of premium scented fragrance oils in each of our collections guarantees a comforting, never harsh aroma with every use. 


Our commitment to high-quality ingredients extends to our line of body scrubs and balms, which are made with all-natural sugars, body oils, body butters for a silky-to-the-touch feel. 


Devoted to respecting the environment, all of our products are made with eco-friendly, natural, and recyclable materials.


I may have hand-poured you an all-natural soy wax candle, or maybe I helped you discover your dream job as a recruiter in my corporate career. 


Or you might have discovered Treasured Scentz online when you Googled “all-natural soy wax candle.” Either way, I’m glad you’re here so we can get to know each other better here in my corner of the internet. 


I founded Treazured Scentz in 2014 after learning about the soothing benefits of non-toxic soy wax candles. I’ve always loved the smell of big-name candle brands. The simple act of lighting one could transport me to a place of serenity after a long day. 


The problem was that after my Lasik eye surgery, my beloved store-bought candles started irritating my eyes. I couldn’t keep those candles burning for long periods of time and quickly realized I needed an all-natural alternative that burned clean. 


My research led me to discover another artisan candlemaker via good old Facebook! Clicking around her page, I knew I found my answer. These soy wax candles were non-toxic, long burning, and smelled amazing. Plus, the warm wax could even be poured on your skin as massage oil since the candles never burned hot. It was the perfect combination of safety and luxury. 


I was hooked instantly. 


It didn’t take long for my entrepreneurial spirit to kick in. Soon after discovering small-batch candles, I began hand-pouring soy wax candles and infusing relaxing aromatherapy scents right at home. Not only was the entire process therapeutic for me, friends and family immediately started asking where they could get their hands on all-natural candles, too. 


Treazured Scentz was born. 


Creating an at-home spa experience has always been the goal of Treazured Scentz. I believe everyone deserves that peaceful moment at the end of the day just to unwind and relax. Over time, that mission has grown to include a line of all-natural, hand-craft body scrubs and balms. 


Treazured Scentz has earned hundreds of accolades from customers who get so much joy from our made-to-order scented candles and our all-natural body balms and scrubs over the last six years.  


Creating an at-home spa experience has always been the goal of Treazured Scentz.

My favorite part of being a small business owner is the people. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I love hearing all of them. So whether you have questions, comments, or scent suggestions, or you’re interested in wholesale opportunities, contact me at Tanya@Treazured Scentz.com, and I’ll get back to you in no time.